There Is A Place

Sång: Jörgen Svantesson,     Text: Patricia Sköld,     Musik: Levi Johansson

1. There is a place on earth so fair
where clovers' fragrance scents the air
and larks hymn songs at Heavens's door
with ceaseless twittering praises pour.
High on the cliffs where hearts beat strong
to hear the seas' eternal song.
And one with air and sea and sky
the Authour of all life is nigh.

2. There is a place on earth more blessed
where weary souls find quiet rest
A holy Temple set apart
for healing of each troubled heart.
Here in the Sanctuary to pray
that evil sins be borne away,
to sing His praises, hear His Word
through Christ to reach God undeterred.

3. There is a Table choicely laid,
His word the Bread and Wine pervade.
Christ's body is the Heavenly bread.
Christ's blood for all, so dearly shed.
And so refreshed and spirit whole,
with healing for the body, soul,
to step out to the world once more,
filled with God's Blessing Him adore.
4. There is a Home eyes have not seen,
but glimses of it's glory glean
when those who bear His Name unite
to hear His Word, grow in His light.
Dear Lord, the fountain of all life,
sure help in trouble, calm in strife,
the Source of goodness, truth and love,
and all Thy Blessings from above.